18.09.2017 TV movies and TV series on the Channel One "Eurasia"

The Channel One "Eurasia" has acquired from ICI company the rights to movies and series package manufactured by Intra Communications,Inc®.        The packege includes the first runs of brand new "Contact" and "The Light Line".

27.06.2017 Movies and series from the Disney

ICI and Disney entered into an agreement to distribute movies and series packages for National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus. The packeges include both classics of foreign cinema and new ones.


Documentaries and feature movies from the Global Screen company


The ICI company has acquired from Global Screen company the package of documentaries and features movies.

1) Foreign children's movie: “The wonderful adventures of Nills Holgersson”, Sweden / Germany, 2011

2) Documentary movies and TV shows:


“The Last Paradises”, Austria, 2009

“Distant Journeys”, Germany, 2012

“Gardens around the world”, Germany, 2011

“Taking the Narrow track through India – On the Rails with Indian’s “Toy trains”, Germany. 2012

3) Nature and wildlife:

“The code of life”, Germany, 2012

“Biomimicry – Inspired of nature”, Germany, 2011

4) History and archeology:

“One flew over the Kremlin – Mathias Rust and the End of the Soviet bloc”, Germany, 2012