27.06.2017 Movies and series from the Disney

ICI and Disney entered into an agreement to distribute movies and series packages for National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus. The packeges include both classics of foreign cinema and new ones.

01.09.2016 "The White Arrow. Punishment" on DetectiveFEST

"The White Arrow. Punishment" filmed by Intra Communications, Inc ® to order of OJSC “Teleradiocompany “Petersburg” won the award for "Feature film on detective and law-enforcement themes" in "The XVIII International Festival Of Detective Films “DetectiveFEST”


French cinema


ICI has acquired package of French movie and TV series:

1) “All grown up!” 90 min., romantic comedy, 2010

2) “La Sainte Victoire” 105 min., drama, thriller, 2009

3) “Djinns” (Stranded)) 99 min., thriller, military action, 2010

4) “Mon idole” 90 min., comedy, drama, criminal, 2002

5) “Ni pour ni contre” 111 min., drama, criminal, 2002

6) “Chatlet Les Halles” 90 min., comedy, melodrama, 2007

7) “De main je me Marie” 90 min, comedy, melodrama, 2010

8) “Pot de Colle” 90 min., comedy, 2010

9) “Enternelle” 6 x 52 min., mysterious series, 2009