18.12.2017 The premiere of “The Short Word No” in Kazakhstan

The Channel One «Eurasia» has broadcasted the brand series «The Short Word No” in Kazakhstan in the middle of December 2017. The average share of audience 18+ has grown from 18,8% to 20,2% during the run.

18.12.2017 The 1st Channel has acquired the rights on “The Light Line”

The 1st Channel has acquired the rights on the first run of 12-episode drama “The Light Line” within the Russian Federation. The series has been coproduced with FILM UA Production Company (Ukraine).


French cinema


ICI has acquired package of French movie and TV series:

1) “All grown up!” 90 min., romantic comedy, 2010

2) “La Sainte Victoire” 105 min., drama, thriller, 2009

3) “Djinns” (Stranded)) 99 min., thriller, military action, 2010

4) “Mon idole” 90 min., comedy, drama, criminal, 2002

5) “Ni pour ni contre” 111 min., drama, criminal, 2002

6) “Chatlet Les Halles” 90 min., comedy, melodrama, 2007

7) “De main je me Marie” 90 min, comedy, melodrama, 2010

8) “Pot de Colle” 90 min., comedy, 2010

9) “Enternelle” 6 x 52 min., mysterious series, 2009