01.06.2018 In-house production TV-series on Podmoskovie Channel

The package of the in-house production TV-series were sold for broadcast on Podmoskovie Channel. The package includes some of the best detective series "Call" and feature-length drama "Light-minded woman" and "Road to nowhere".

21.05.2018 Marco Polo from Earth Touch

ICI has acquired from the Earth Touch the program “Marco Polo: A Very Modern Journey” (China, 3 x 60 min.) for Pay TV Russia and CIS.


French cinema


ICI has acquired package of French movie and TV series:

1) “All grown up!” 90 min., romantic comedy, 2010

2) “La Sainte Victoire” 105 min., drama, thriller, 2009

3) “Djinns” (Stranded)) 99 min., thriller, military action, 2010

4) “Mon idole” 90 min., comedy, drama, criminal, 2002

5) “Ni pour ni contre” 111 min., drama, criminal, 2002

6) “Chatlet Les Halles” 90 min., comedy, melodrama, 2007

7) “De main je me Marie” 90 min, comedy, melodrama, 2010

8) “Pot de Colle” 90 min., comedy, 2010

9) “Enternelle” 6 x 52 min., mysterious series, 2009