27.06.2017 Movies and series from the Disney

ICI and Disney entered into an agreement to distribute movies and series packages for National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus. The packeges include both classics of foreign cinema and new ones.

01.09.2016 "The White Arrow. Punishment" on DetectiveFEST

"The White Arrow. Punishment" filmed by Intra Communications, Inc ® to order of OJSC “Teleradiocompany “Petersburg” won the award for "Feature film on detective and law-enforcement themes" in "The XVIII International Festival Of Detective Films “DetectiveFEST”


Programs about traveling


The ICI company has acquired from Big Media company the programs about traveling.

1) Xplore World, 46 x 30 min, USA, 2012

Beautifully program about travel in the most wonderful places of the world invites you to go to Thailand, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Philippines, Sri Lanka and many other countries.

2) XP Guide, 55 x 30 min, USA, 2012

Do you want to know if it was Rome built in a day? The expression "shopping till you drop" was born in shopping centers and high street stores in Hong Kong? The program will be your guide on the history, shopping, cuisine features, nightlife and cultural life of the different places that will help any city of the "hero" on a national scale to become a "hero" world class!