Семейный очаг

Completed Projects

10.11.2017 THE SHORT WORD NO

They are from different worlds. She is Natasha Korneeva, a.k.a. Tata, as her parents call her. She was brought up by an intellectual wealthy family. He is Zhenia Stryapkin, a.k.a. Zheka or Stryapa, an orphanage kid, born to fight for his place in the sun. Tata is a student of the Academy of Arts. Zheka is a thief and a desperate chevalier of fortune. But this is here nothing like a thriller or detective story. This is love story. A true one.

07.11.2017 THE LIGHT LINE

Varya, an 18 year-old, lives with her parents in a closed religious community. Since the very childhood all they have been teaching her is working hard, believing sincerely, say prayers, and obey the will of the community's leader - His Holiness. This is her whom he wants to make his fourth wife. But neither violence, nor bullying by His Holiness’ "elder" wives cannot break her morale. She escapes hoping to get the law after His Holiness in the greater world, though she knows nothing about life beyond the community.



Television movie: 90 min


Cast: Lyubov Tolkalina, Alexander Sayutalin, Vera Tran, Olga Shuvalova


Directing by: Rudolf Fruntov


Script: Valdimir Zabaluev, Alexey Zenzinov


Director of Chinematography: Andrey Eremin


Music: Vladimir Kuptsov


Produced by:  Intra Communications, Inc.

After many years from his estranged family Sergei returns to his home town to celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday. As a present brings along a bear skin and his unsolicited fatherly love.  But for his teenage rebellious daughter he is just an intrusive stranger and while for his wife his sudden arrival becomes an unnecessary reminder of the broken family and served ties and reconciliation is not an option. The only personable to appreciate Sergei’s “golden heart” and falls for him is his daughter’s best friend. As time goes by, Sergei’s strong positive presence makes a conspicuous impact on his daughter – she leaves the town for a Moscow college and Sergei back to his remote northern town. But this time there is no distance or  circumstances, which can destroy the relationship between the father and daughter.