Семейный очаг

Completed Projects

10.11.2017 THE SHORT WORD NO

The ICI company has completed production of new 12-episode series "The short word No" by the script of Igor Ageev, the director of the series is Sergey Shcherbin.


Tamara Yeroshina has perfectly ordinary dreams: a medical career in the capital and a happy family… One day she meets the city mayor’s son Sergey Luparyov, and they get married. However, her family life turns into a nightmare. Unable to stand the beatings and degrading treatment from her husband, Tamara runs away from home. 



Television movie: 90 min


Cast: Evgeny Sidikhin, Vera Sotnikova, Evgeny Leonov-Gladyshev, Artur Vakha, Arkady Koval, Georgy Korolchuk, Alexander Rapoport, Andrey Astrakhantsev.


Directing by: Rudolf Fruntov


Director of cinematography: Stepan Kovalenko


Music: Andzhey Petras


Producrion: Intra Communications Inc., TRK “Peterburg-Channel 5”

The life at the local hospital is routine and monotonous. There’s nothing thrilling there: exhausted doctors treating suffering patients, constant lack of the most common supplies and medications, poor conditions…

Suddenly the course of life takes an unusual turn. Within ten days the priceless medical equipment and narcotic drugs disappear from the hospital without a trace…

Those who will be able to overcome this ordeal must be both resolved and brilliant.


Television movie based on the book “Hospital” by Mikhail Rogozhin.