Семейный очаг

Completed Projects

10.11.2017 THE SHORT WORD NO

The ICI company has completed production of new 12-episode series "The short word No" by the script of Igor Ageev, the director of the series is Sergey Shcherbin.


Tamara Yeroshina has perfectly ordinary dreams: a medical career in the capital and a happy family… One day she meets the city mayor’s son Sergey Luparyov, and they get married. However, her family life turns into a nightmare. Unable to stand the beatings and degrading treatment from her husband, Tamara runs away from home. 



Series: 10 x 1 TV hour


Cast: Gennady Nazarov, Victor Bychkov, Natalia Anastasia von Kalmanovich, Aleksandr Michailov, Tatyana Dogileva, Vyacheslav Grishechkin, Stanislav Sadalsky, Michail Razumovsky, Aleksandr Polovtsev, Roman Zhilkin, Andrey Urgant


Directed by: Vladimir Zaikin


Written by: Arkadiy Tigai


Director of cinematography: Victor Gonchar


Music: Alexei Karpov


Production: Intra Communications, INC

...Army of one is still the army

The story unfolds on the racetrack. Car racing is becoming increasingly more popular around the world. Professional teams are owned by powerful corporations that invest tremendous amounts of money into the sport. The bigger the monet, the greater the passions, ambitions, risks and competition.

The series begin with the murder of a powerful businessman who owns a professional racing team FAVORITE. The death of the owner inevitably means the end of the team? which is doomed without serious financial sponsorship. The competitors arranged the murder of the team's owner. Nevertheless, FAVORITE's manager Chizhov refuses to accept demise of his team and decides to revive it despite the odds and is determined to win the race. Hisenergy, charisma, quick wit and resourcefulness help to overcome numerous obstacles standing in his way to success. Will he manage to lead the team to the final race and victory? What personal toll will it take?