Семейный очаг

Completed Projects

10.11.2017 THE SHORT WORD NO

They are from different worlds. She is Natasha Korneeva, a.k.a. Tata, as her parents call her. She was brought up by an intellectual wealthy family. He is Zhenia Stryapkin, a.k.a. Zheka or Stryapa, an orphanage kid, born to fight for his place in the sun. Tata is a student of the Academy of Arts. Zheka is a thief and a desperate chevalier of fortune. But this is here nothing like a thriller or detective story. This is love story. A true one.

07.11.2017 THE LIGHT LINE

Varya, an 18 year-old, lives with her parents in a closed religious community. Since the very childhood all they have been teaching her is working hard, believing sincerely, say prayers, and obey the will of the community's leader - His Holiness. This is her whom he wants to make his fourth wife. But neither violence, nor bullying by His Holiness’ "elder" wives cannot break her morale. She escapes hoping to get the law after His Holiness in the greater world, though she knows nothing about life beyond the community.



Television movie: 90 min


Cast: Andrey Smolyakov, Tatyana Kazyuchits, Ruslan Kurik, Alexander Sayutalin, Elena kozyreva, Victor Vasilyev, Pavel Dorozhkin, Denis Tarasenko, Andrey Shelko, Valentina Gartsueva.


Directing by: Armenak Nazikyan


Script: Igor Ageev, Svetlana Sivak


Director of Cinetography: Andrey Eremin


Music: Maxim Koshevarov


Produced by: Intra Communications, Inc.

A widowed tycoon Konstantine Vorontsov aka Papa Carlo is very close to his daughter whom he raised alone. Now Katja is grown up and plans to get married. Papa Carlo is in denial and cannot accept the fact that his daughter is an responsible for her own decisions. The groom, Maxim, is not a bargain either – too independent and opinionated. Papa Carlo is an authoritarian and not used to being challenged – in his environment his word is the law. His ego is badly hurt and even after the wedding he still annot accept the fact that his most beloved child went against his will. In a desperate effort to regain the control over his daughter and revert to the past order of things, Papa Carlo decides to set up his son-in-low and lock him in.

It is beyond Papa Carlo blinded by his  jealousy that Katja and Maxim love each other and are entitled to shape their own destiny.