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Tamara Yeroshina has perfectly ordinary dreams: a medical career in the capital and a happy family… One day she meets the city mayor’s son Sergey Luparyov, and they get married. However, her family life turns into a nightmare. Unable to stand the beatings and degrading treatment from her husband, Tamara runs away from home. 


Botsman, Valery Blinov, Maksim Sorokolet, Slava Generalov and Pavel Verba are men in every sense of the word, lively and understanding. Every outlaw will get what he deserves. Where a presumptuous bastard managed to escape punishment by bribing the jury or to dismiss a criminal case with a help of dirty cops, ‘The white arrow’ will always find a way to achieve their goal.



Television movie: 90 min


Cast: Ilya Noskov, Anna Astrakhantseva, Sergey Migitsko, Olga Volkova, Andrey Urgant.


Directing by: Stanislav Mitin


Script: Igor Ageev


Director of Cinematography: Valery Mulgaut


Music: Andrey Semenov


Production: Intra communications, Inc., TRK “Peterburg-Channel 5”

Amid an emotional conflict with his professor, a talented young graduate of the prestige St. Petersburg theatrical studio Sergey Malanko signs a contract with a provincial youth theatre and suddenly leaves for a rural town of Tourukansk. His fellow actor friends are stunned by this impulsive decision.

Frustrated with monotonous and uneventful life of a small town Sergey soon tries to escape back to St. Petersburg but is trapped by his contract with the youth theatre. In a desperate search  for the way out Sergey has been advised by fellow actress to seduce the leading actress Irina Barysheva and manipulate her into   leaving the theater. Irina’s departure would spell the disaster and jeoparadize the entire season. Fearing the impending catastrophe the despotic theatre director agrees ro cancel Sergey’s contract. Finally Sergey is free to return to St. Petersburg where is invited to join a famous  theatre group but unexpectedly for everyone Sergey’s filing with Irina develops into real, sincere and uncalculated romance.