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TV Catalogue

166 x 1 TV hrs
Argentina, 2007

Almost An Angel 1

Casi Angeles 1
Director:Mariano Demaria, Mauro Scandolari
Emilia Attias
Mariana Esposito
Nicolas Vazquez
A group of helpless kids and teens are exploited and sent out to steal by evil and powerful Bartolome and Justina. These kids will start their slow but inevitable road to recovery when Cielo, an acrobat and a dancer, and Dr. Nicolas Bauer, an archeologist full of adventures enter their lives. Cielo is a semi illiterate traveling artist, but her real name is Angeles Inchausti, a young sensuous heiress who has been stripped of her identity and her inheritance by Bartolome and Justina. Dr. Nicolas Bauer, is a renowned archeologist whose dream is to prove that Eudamon Island, also known as the Island of Happy Children is a real place where happiness is possible.
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