• The Visionist
    12 x 1 TV hrs
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  • Light Line
    12 x 1 TV hrs
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  • Contact
    Mystical Detective
    12 x 1 TV hrs
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  • Short Word No
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English Lab

English Lab
1) Fabulous Destinations:Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate, 8 x 0,5 TV Hr & 6 x 0,25 TV Hr.
2) Flavours of the World:Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, 10 x 0,5 TV Hr & 10 x 0,25 TV Hr.
3) Survival English:Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate, 10 x 0,5 TV Hr & 10 x 0,25 TV Hr.
4) Art of conversation:Upper-Intermediate - Advanced, 8 x 0,5 TV Hr & 0,25 TV Hr.
Pre-Intermediate - Advanced/Situational English. The «E-Lab» is meant for people with different levels of language knowledge, from elementary to upper-intermediate. The project consists of a series of programs on different topics with different hosts. Currently, within the project, several new programs are being prepared for release: «Fabulous Destination», which is designed for people with elementary and intermediate levels, will help you get acquainted with the culture, traditions and customs of different countries and nations around the world, «Flavors of the World» and «Language Booster» are programs for an audience with intermediate and upper-intermediate language levels. The first one will be interesting for all cuisine lovers, and the second one will help you understand all the subtleties and nuances of language learning. Art of Conversation, the new unique series of programs of E-Lab project, was created to help develop speaking skills.
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