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Family Name

State: Completed
Genre: Drama
Running time: 94 min.
Director:Stanislav Mitin
Script by:Stanislav Mitin based on Dina Rubina's novel
Cinematography by:Sergey Yurizditsky
Music by:J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart and Y.A. Falik performed by «Atrium» quartet, and also V.Y. Shainsky
Produced by:Sergey Karataev, Igor Syrtsov, Victor Umnov
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ TV Сhannel «КТK» (Kazakhstan)
Year: 2006
Oleg Stefan
Oksana Bazilevich
Sergey Barkovsky
Misha Kozheurov
Slava Korobitsin
A family longing for a child has finally had a son. Shortly after the boy is born the husband learns he is not the father. He wants to leave the family but stays out of pity to his fragile wife and a helpless child. Soon he cannot imagine his life without this boy. However, the family falls apart and the mother marries the boy’s biological father. She promises ex-husband the boy will keep his name and would find the truth about his birth only if one of the men dies. Years passed and now it is the time for the boy to learn the painful truth.
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