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State: Completed
Genre: Drama
Running time: 96 min.
Director:Rudolf Fruntov
Script by:Rudolf Fruntov, Mikhail Rogozhyn
Cinematography by:Stepan Kovalenko
Music by:Andzhey Petras
Produced by:Sergey Karataev, Victor Umnov, Marina Fokina, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ TV and Radio Company «Petersburg-Channel 5» (Russia)
Year: 2006
Evgeny Sidihin
Vera Sotnikova
Artur Vakha
Arkady Koval
Georgy Korolchuk
Alexander Rapoport
Andrey Astrakhantsev
Action drama
The life at the local hospital is routine and monotonous. There’s nothing thrilling there: exhausted doctors treating suffering patients, constant lack of the most common supplies and medications, poor conditions… Suddenly the course of life takes an unusual turn. Within ten days the priceless medical equipment and narcotic drugs disappear from the hospital without a trace… Those who will be able to overcome this ordeal must be both resolved and brilliant.

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