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Bear Skin

State: Completed
Genre: Drama
Running time: 90 min.
Director:Rudolf Fruntov
Script by:Vladimir Zabaluev, Alexey Zenzinov
Cinematography by:Andrey Eremin
Music by:Vladimir Kuptsov
Produced by:Sergey Karataev, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®
Year: 2009
Lyubov Tolkalina
Alexander Sayutalin
Vera Tran
Olga Shuvalova
After many years away from his estranged family Sergei returns to his hometown to celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday. As a present he brings along a bear skin and his unsolicited fatherly love. But for his teenage rebellious daughter he is just an intrusive stranger and while for his wife his sudden arrival becomes an unnecessary reminder of the broken family and severed ties and reconciliation is not an option. The only person able to appreciate Sergei’s «golden heart» and falls for him is his daughter’s best friend.
As time goes by, Sergei’s strong positive presence makes a conspicuous impact on his daughter - she leaves the town for a Moscow college and Sergei goes back to his remote northern town. But this time there is no distance or circumstances, which can destroy the relationship between the father and daughter.
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