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12 x 1 TV hrs
Russia, 2012

Road To Nowhere

Doroga v pustotu
State: Completed
Director:Anna Gres'
Script by:Igor Ageev
Cinematography by:Maxim Stepanov
Music by:Alexey Karpov
Produced by:Mikhail Barkan, Vladimir Issat, Sergey Karataev, Victor Mirsky, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ FILM.UA
Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevitch
Natalia Surkova
Kirill Zhandarov
Petr Tomashevsky
Mikhail Zhebrovsky
Alexandra Tyuftey
Criminal drama
Ordinary life of Marina, a small town girl in the 90-ties dramatically changed when her widowed unemployed alcoholic father sells the daughter to his elder rich relative who lives in a big city. Despite all odds, betrayed by the people she loved Marina refuses to accept her plight and finds the spirit to fight back. Will she survive her ordeal and be able to trust again?
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