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TV Catalogue

4 х 1 TV hrs
Germany, 1996

Last Courier, The

Letzte Kurier, Der
Director:Adolf Winkelmann
Production: Bavaria Film
Sissi Perlinger
Sergej Garmasch
Jenny Winkelmann
Vera Rohleder, young mother of a 12-year old girl, learns that her husband who works as an art dealer in Moscow died in an car accident. She drives to Moscow to identify his dead body, but mysterious events make her doubt about her husband’s death. Searching for her husband Vera realises that during all those years he led a double life. Even the Russian chief inspector Bubka does not believe in the death of Bernhard Rohleder. Vera and the chief inspector live a passionate and tragic love story. Vera gets more and more involved into a murder case of a 12-year old girl but obscure interests stop Bubka from solving the crime. In the meantime it is about more than one murder. Therefor Bubka sets out for Germany to bring this case to an end.
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