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8 x 1 TV hrs
Russia, 2010

Family Nest

Semeiny ochag
State: Completed
Director:Olga Perunovskaya
Script by:Igor Ageev
Cinematography by:Andrey Eremin
Music by:Anton Gryzlov
Produced by:Ekaterina Efanova, Sergey Karataev, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ TV Channel «Russia»
Daria Poverennova
Yaroslav Boyko
Yan Tsapnik
Ivan Krasko
Family melodrama
Anastasia, a radio talk show host of the Family Nest program and her playwright husband Andrey are on the brink of divorce. They grew apart over the years and Anastasia’s old flame, army doctor Dimitry, comes again to the picture.
Dimitry’s image is close to Anastasia’s male ideal and her veteran father who long ago stood on the way of their relationship is his patient.
Meanwhile Anastasia’s husband Andrey is immersed in his job at the theater. He is flattered by the interest of a young actress Luba and begins an affair with her.
While Anastasia and Andrey are busy with their professional and romantic life outside of the family their teenage daughter Julia feels neglected and desperate for her parents love and support.
Will Anastasia sacrifice her feelings for Dimitry to save her family? Will the characters find the ways to balance the family, romantic interests, career and friendships?
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