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TV Catalogue

4 x 1 TV hrs
Russia-Ukraine, 2019

Sin Of Others, The

Chuzhoy grekh
Director:Aleksey Lisovets
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ FILM.UA
Vyacheslav Dovzhenko
Ekaterina Molohovskaya
Konstantin Oktyabrskiy
Nadezhda Krapivina’s life ruins in the same day, when she finds out what she is pregnant from her boyfriend Alexander. The moment she tells him about her pregnancy Alexander doesn’t notice a sign «yield ahead» and bumps into a car with a woman at the wheel. He leaves the place of accident in panic and the woman dies without getting medical aid on time. Alexander doesn’t know how to behave, but he doesn’t want to admit committing the crime. Relying on her legal education Nadezhda makes a confession and takes Alexander's sin. She doesn’t have a clue, that her noble action will set in motion the wheel of fate for many people.
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