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Regoinal Center

State: Completed
Genre: Comedy/Sitcom
Running time: 20 x 0,5 TV hrs
Director:Ksenia Vasilyeva
Script by:Roman Polyakov
Cinematography by:Dmitry Kabanov
Music by:Alexander Karpov
Produced by:Mikhail Barkan, Sergey Karataev, Victor Mirsky, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®
Year: 2013
Esenia Andreeva
Anton Bagrov
Ilya Borisov
Danila Voropaev
Natalya Golovanova
Olga Yeliseeva
Anton Zakharyin
Natalia lokhvidova
Arkady Koval
Nadezhda Kozlyuk
Max Pavlov
Valery Smekalov
Margarita Smirnova
Vadim Franchuk
A sketch show by people for people.
Big cities – no matter how big – can’t accommodate everyone. Hence, our simple motto: «stick it out on your home turf». We’ve got no reason to set foot outside our regional center. In fact, if you take a look around you'll see our town can hold its own against any metropolis. Some may look down their noses at our efforts to live the high life with our modest nights out in the local factory club or mad shopping sprees at the local mall that's been converted from an old grocery store. But it’s all a matter of perspective. Our local figureheads lead a «cosmopolitan lifestyle»: we have our very own gays, gorgeous blondes, extreme football fanatics and fitness instructors. In short, our town throbs with life, and we wanted to show this to all those who spend their days dreaming of big cities.
We were so determined, we even skipped drinking for a whole week and bought a video camera at a pawn shop. We don’t know much about making a TV show, but it’s not like major TV stations don’t churn out some real crap at times. At least ours is a real movie about real people!
Here they are – the cream of the crop of our town:
Natasha and Kirill, the wonder-couple who've lasted 3 years without sex,
Masha and Dasha, who work on the information desk,
Antokha and Filippich, the local kings of the gas station.
And then there’s Sasha, the avid soccer player for the local powerhouse club, and his diehard geriatric fans,
Styopa Pestryakov, a district cop, who is shooting a movie about his tough work on the force,
Vitaly, a gay guy aspiring to become a real man,
Fatso Max and his super-fitness instructor Sly,
Zina, the head of the local Cultural Center and Chairman of the village council,
And finally there's Nikita, who works at the appliance store, and his regular customer Irina, who’s driving him up the wall.
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