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Marguerite Dress, A

State: In production
Genre: Melodrama
Running time: 4 x 1 TV hrs
Director:Maxim Mekheda
Script by:Mikhail Barkan
Cinematography by:Aleksandr Onoprienko
Music by:Maxim Koshevarov, Alexander Maev
Film Artist:Victor Dontsov
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ FILM.UA
Year: 2021
Zoriana Marchenko
Daniil Mireshkin
Aleksandr Kobzar
Margo Lapina
Dmitrii Sova
Andrei Isaenko
Liza is a beautiful meek girl, who has to go the whole nine yards – the loss of her first love, a forced marriage with a ruthless sadist with his toxic love, the escape from him, constant fear and struggle for survival. She will be able to find enough strength and piece together her life. A weak, insecure eternal victim is going to become a strong, forceful and successful woman. To succeed in that she had to force herself to bury her femininity and faith in love. Fortunately, life rewards the deserved - she will meet a man, who will make the forgotten fairytale come true.
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