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4 x 1 TV hrs
Russia-Kazakhstan-Ukraine, 2013


Bez prava na vybor
State: Completed
Director:Leonid Belozorovich
Script by:Andrey Kureychik
Cinematography by:Svetlana Kruglikova
Music by:Aleksey Karpov
Producers:Mikhail Barkan, Sergey Karataev, Sergey Kiselev, Victor Mirskiy, Nurzhan Muhamedzhanova, Victor Umnov, Arman Shuraev, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ FILM.UA/ «КТK» (Kazakhstan)/«Kazakhstan»/ First Channel «Eurasia» (Kaz)
Kuandyk Kystykbaev
Alexander Petrov
Mikhail Evlanov
Maria Lugovaya
Alexander Lykov
Vladimir Gostyukhin
War action
A war hero and talented saboteur, Kasym Kaysenov, left an exceptional trace in the history of WW-II. His heroic deeds continue to live on in memories of those indebted to him for his courage. This time Kasym will engage in sabotaging a German warehouse, an enterprise, which will end with the demise of the entire subversive group. Trapped behind enemy lines, Kasym will only be able to rely on the help of his compatriots.
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