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Russia, 2015

White Arrow. Punishment

Belaya Strela. Vozmezdie
State: Completed
Director:Alexander Stroev, Aleksey Shikin
Script by:Dmitry Akimov, Alexandr Burtsev, Aleksey Shikin
Cinematography by:Dmitry Kabanov, Pavel Kiselyov
Music by:Maxim Koshevarov
Produced by:Maria Alexeeva, Mikhail Barkan, Sergey Karataev, Dmitriy Soshnikov, Victor Umnov, Marina Fomenko, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inс.® for TV and Radio Company «Petersburg-Channel 5» (Russia)
Sergey Makhovikov
Alexander Sautalin
Vladimir Maslakov
Andrey Averianov
Egor Kutenkov
Natalya Burmistova
Maria Zhiganova
Evgeny Ganelin
At their police service the main characters constantly face the injustice of the law they serve. Murderers, rapists and burglars go unpunished. Their unavenged victims and those who managed to stay alive lose faith in justice.
Botsman, Valery Blinov, Maksim Sorokolet, Slava Generalov and Pavel Verba are men in every sense of the word, lively and understanding. Every outlaw will get what he deserves. Where a presumptuous bastard managed to escape punishment by bribing the jury or to dismiss a criminal case with a help of dirty cops, ‘The white arrow’ will always find a way to achieve their goal.
This is the story where «all names and events are purely fictional». But the more the plot coincides with the viewer’s everyday life, the more he wants to keep up with the characters and be happy for the achieved justice. At least on screen.
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