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On Call 4

State: Completed
Genre: Detective
Running time: 8 x 1 TV hrs
Director:Vladimir Chubrikov, Olga Perunovskaya
Script by:Alexey Karanovich, Igor Osipov
Cinematography by:Kyastutis Plyavokas
Music by:Evgeny Fedorov (TEQUILAJAZZZ)
Produced by:Sergey Karataev, Victor Umnov, Oleg Urushev, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®/ Film Company «SOLIVS»
Year: 2008-2009
Dmitry Nazarov
Natalia Zhitkova
Alexey Shutov
Senior police officer Khromov and his cops returning from a rural assignment could not anticipate that by taking a local boat cruise hosting a publishing house’s corporate retreat they will find themselves in the middle of a dangerous and entangled ordeal. The unsolved murder of a young publishing house’s employee who happened to be Captain’s son pushed the father to a desperate decision to anchor the boat away from the shores, take justice in his own hands by taking the unsuspecting passengers hostages, and run his own investigation as he is convinced that his son’s murderer is among the boat’s passengers. The Captain threatens to blow the boat within 72 hours unless the passengers agree to give up the killer. The cops have only 3 days to solve the murder case and save the innocent hostages. Will they be able to prevent the tragedy?
In a small town, a few citizens whose cellular phones received calls with mysterious music vanished under the suspicious circumstances. A local expert on paranormal phenomena connects such disappearances with the teleportation. Detective Khromov suspects a hoax but soon has to change his view after one of the vanished is found dead at the construction site. It turns out all of the vanished belonged to the cast of the movie VANISHED shot in town 15 years prior to the events. During the shooting a young extra vanished and Khromov suspects her father decided to take justice in his own hands and is trying to avenge those he believed guilty in his daughter’s death. Although all evidence points out to the girl’s father, the investigation reveals a different culprit, a sophisticated criminal skillfully conducting a gory show and manipulating the evidence.
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