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8 x 1 TV hrs
Russia, 2009

Group Zeta 2

Gruppa Zeta 2
State: Completed
Director:Victor Tatarsky
Script by:Igor Ageev
Cinematography by:Viktor Gonchar
Music by:Konstantin Shumailov, Yury Shevchuk
Produced by:Sergey Karataev, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky
Production: Intra Communications, Inc.®
Oleg Stefan
Alexey Zharkov
Yaroslav Boyko
Sergey Chudakov
Evgenia Igumnova
Oleg Abalyan
Alexander Bolshakov
Mikhail Evlanov
Andrey Urgant
Soon after his return to peaceful life in his home town Alexey Timofeev, leader of Group Zeta, is arrested by special forces and thrown in jail for Zeta’s past illegal activities. In jail, Alexey makes heroic attempts to prevent an assault by the organized crime on the Chechen inmate involved in terrorism. Now he becomes an assault target. To avoid inevitable death threat Alexey and a fellow inmate make a successful escape and become fugitives. Many dramatic and dangerous events following the escape cannot break Alexey’s courage and high spirit.
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